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das klingt so gut.

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…ja, das klingt so gut, was ich heute im Briefkasten hatte:

[…] die Prüfung zum Nachweis der besonderen/überragenden künstlerischen Befähigung […] wurde bestanden.

Seit heute also auch offiziell und schriftlich. Somit werde ich mich an der FHH, Fakultät III – Medien, Information und Design für Kommunikationsdesign/Fotografie immatrikulieren. ja, das klingt so gut…


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Mai 21, 2010 at 5:54 pm

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Zu meiner Aufnahmeprüfung an der FHH gehörten eine Mappe mit drei bis vier Reportagen, die Prüfungen vor Ort (siehe unten: „the day„) sowie eine freie Ausarbeitung zum Thema „Vielschichtigkeit“ als Hausaufgabe.

Nach anfänglicher cerebraler Blut- und Ideenarmut habe ich einen Ansatz gewählt, den ich bereits in meiner Diplomarbeit für mein Geographiestudium gestreift habe. Es geht im weitesten Sinne um die Gentrifizierung des Stadtteils St. Pauli.

Durch eine Portrait-Serie stelle ich die Vielschichtigkeit durch verschiede Menschen in ihren Geschäften in den Fokus. Ich wählte sowohl neuere Ladengeschäfte wie eine Galerie oder ein Kindermodengeschäft aus, als auch alteingesessene Läden wie eine Bäckerei oder den Dönermann von nebenan.

„St. Pauli besitzt dank seiner unterschiedlichen Bewohner und der hohen Einwohnerdichte schon immer eine große soziale Vielschichtigkeit. In den letzten Jahren stieg die Beliebtheit des Viertels besonders bei jungen und erfolgreichen Städtern stark an. Die Einwohnerstruktur durchmischte sich und es entstanden mehr und mehr Galerien, Cafés und teurere Geschäfte neben den alteingesessenen Läden […].

Um diese Vielschichtigkeit darzustellen, portraitierte ich einige der „alten“ und „neuen“ Ladenbetreiber in ihren Geschäften. Sie blicken durch die Schaufensterscheibe ihrer neuen Galerie, 100 Jahre alten Bäckerei oder alteingesessenen Kneipe auf ihren Stadtteil. Dabei zeigt sich die Vielschichtigkeit sowohl in ihren Gesichtern, als auch in der Art des Ladens sowie in der Spiegelung der gegenüberliegenden Straßenseite im Schaufenster – ein vielschichtiger Blick auf St. Pauli also.“

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Mai 16, 2010 at 5:29 pm

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the day

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Yesterday was THE DAY!

I had my entrance examination at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Hannover (FHH). I ran for Photojournalism – like about 200 to 250 other applicants with a portfolio containing at least three photostorys (reportage) handed in. So this was the first task to survive. 61 made it heading for 30 academic places; beeing one of them already was an honour.

Selection procedure started at 08:45 a.m. at FHH. So I had to get up at uncomfortable 04:45 a.m. to catch my train from Hamburg to Hannover. In Hannover’s subway I was sitting next to a guy who’s bags where stuffed up with equipment like mine (Newspapers, cutters, pens, glue, colours…) Later he turned out to pass the same test like I did and we were going to study together…

Inside the entrance hall of the FHH were about 220 budding graphic designers, photographers and all kinds of creativs waiting in excited expectancy…
After welcoming speech the tasks for the Day were handed over to us by the Professors:
1st: Photograph, subject: „order“ (Ordnung),
2nd: Collage, subject: „change of policy/course“ (Kurswechsel)
3rd: 3-dimensional object, subject: „flying object“ (fliegendes Objekt) wich was not supposed to have the abbility to fly.

To tinker around and testing your handicraft skills was great fun. But after having messed up my table with glue, ink, paper scrap and shred I did not really achive satisfying results…
I am not going to show my work here, exept the 3D-thing. You can call it what you want… I call it something like Crap-Angel and it is the only work from that day I am nearly content with. The rest is roughly crap.

My work for one of three tasks: a „flying object that is not supposed to have the ability to fly“.

Time was running and still I had to take my pic, edit it and print it. But first there was the colloquium in groups of five per 40 minutes. Mine was the third one so I had a bit of time for preparation and nervous breakdowns…

Talking to three professors inside a tiny room with four other scared students was hell! One after an other had to present themselves and his/her homework… I thought I messed it all up because everyone had well prepared fotobooks and bounded prints. …I had only my loose prints in a box. AAaaarghh! How could I forget?! OK. I tell them it is on purpose. Because it’s a loose toppic.. oh my god!
Then the professors checked our „social abilities“ and had a look into our souls: „Now that you know each other a bit, ask your neighbour a good (!) question you are interested about.“ ahm… … … „What was your name again?“

After such desaster I went to IKEA. Exactly! IKEA. Next to FHH is a huge IKEA situated. Huge like everywhere. And right: I am going to have lunch at IKEA ervery single day when I study down there yummy! …by the way: does IKEA still have breakfast…?
Inside IKEA I took some pics about „order“ on the floor for „storekeeping“ without getting into troubble about taking pics without permission inside like some other applicants did.

Back at FHH the older students prepared some nice bbq and were giving away beers for free for all applicants. Very nice tradition. But I still had some steps to go… but with prospects of a good beer everything runs more easy.

After hanging my works to the wall designed for in the emergency-stairways (!) waiting started… I picked up my well-deserved beer and my portfolio I handed in some weeks ago and had some nice chats with other applicants.

Then moment of trouth came near: announcement of the results.
You needed 6 points to be in the group of accepted students. One after an other was announced. My number was 44… and about at number 40 I heard my pulse beat inside my head as loud as I never heard it before. „44: nine points.“ Explosion inside my head! I made it! The guy next to me had ten points and we congratulated, then we introduced ourselfes because we obviously will spend some time together over the next tree years…

The following hours are a little diffuse because the guy I went back to Hamburg with (10 pts.) was as keen on having as many celebraiting-beers as I was. So we had a good time at the train to Hamburg…
At home Annika had some „champaign“ prepered and I am really grateful and a hell of proud that this day turned out like that, nevertheless I have a little hangover today…

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Mai 13, 2010 at 3:33 pm

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Gestern war Tag-X!

Prüfungstag an der FH-Hannover für das Studium des Kommunikationsdesigns/Fotografie… und Yeah! Es hat geklappt!

Das bedeutet, dass ich wohl bald nach Hannover ziehen werde. Deshalb beginne ich heute mit meinem (ersten) Blog um alle, die es interessiert, auf dem Laufenden zu halten, was meine nächsten Projekte und Fotoarbeieten angeht.

Seid also gespannt. Bitte.

Danke. Euer phil!

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Mai 13, 2010 at 11:32 am

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